Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

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  • Highly Customizable
  • 100% Dedicated Resources
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Dedicated server offers the most optimal isolation for those who require high processing power, dedicated bandwidth, and a more controlled environment with unrestricted access to the server. Once an operating system is selected and installed, customer will be able manage the server with a remote control tool such as SSH or remote desktop.

All our servers are interconnected via Gigabit switches, and all standard offers include two network interfaces which public and private traffic can be separated. This setup can be useful for customers who wish to prevent the public pipe from congestion as well as improve the transfer rate among servers internally.

Plans Polyester II Cotton II Silk II Tailormade
Monthly Price (SGD) From S$399/Month From S$699/Month From S$999/Month ASK
Processor X5650 (x2) E5-2420 (x2) E5-2640 (x2)
Default RAM 32 GB 64 GB 128 GB
Enterprise Drives 600 GB (x2) SAS 600 GB (x4) SAS 600 GB (x8) SAS
RAID Hardware
(1GB Cache)
(1GB Cache)
(2GB Cache)
Bandwidth (Unmetered) 10 mbps (Dedicated) 10 mbps (Dedicated) 10 mbps (Dedicated)
IPv4 Address /29 (5 Usable) /29 (5 Usable) /29 (5 Usable)
IPv6 Address /48 /48 /48
Reversed DNS
Bandwidth Utilization Chart
Full Root/Administrator Access
IPMI / KVM-over-IP
Rent-to-Own Option
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